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        CBD cannabis seeds

        CBD cannabis seeds are seeds that produce cannabis plants with a higher CBD content than normal cannabis. As a result, these plants produce a lower high, but provide a clear, calm and relaxed feeling. On this page you will find our range of CBD cannabis seeds, but be sure to read more about the properties of cannabidiol cannabis seeds. There are many different seeds, all with their own properties and effects. The best way to grow them can also vary greatly. On this page, you can read all about it or select the best CBD-rich cannabis seeds and order them directly.

        What are CBD (cannabidiol) cannabis seeds?

        CBD cannabis seeds have been specially developed for people who use cannabis for medicinal or therapeutic purposes and want to grow it themselves. The seeds produce plants with high CBD levels. CBD is an abbreviation that stands for cannabidiol. Weed seeds with a high CBD content (in full: cannabidiol) have the property of reducing the effect of the THC present. This means you get less intoxicated by this weed, but enjoy its other positive effects. For example, this weed has a calming and relaxing effect. There are different types of CBD weed, where the mixing ratio makes all the difference. For example, you can choose weed with equal proportions of CBD and THC. Which one you should choose depends on your personal preferences.</p

        Highly concentrated CBD seeds

        The cultivation of CBD cannabis plants has become increasingly popular in recent years. You can therefore buy all kinds of different seeds that are supposed to produce plants with a high CBD concentration. Unfortunately, this is sometimes just good marketing and the advertised effects and ratios are far from always achieved. In our webshop, you can be sure that you are actually buying highly concentrated CBD seeds. This is because the seeds are cultivated very carefully to achieve the right ratio of THC and CBD. Of course, every plant is different, so you should always read the description carefully.

        Benefits of growing CBD-rich cannabis plants

        If you opt for CBD-rich cannabis plants, there are a number of distinct advantages:

        • You will get less high from this cannabis, but benefit from its other properties such as the sedative effect
        • Because you are not hindered in your daily activities, you can use the therapeutic cannabis almost anytime.</li
        • Because you grow the seeds yourself, you know exactly how the medicinal cannabis you use was created

        What types of CBD cannabis seeds are there?

        There are many varieties of CBD seeds to choose from. You can pay attention to the following differences:

        • The ratio of THC and CBD is one of the most important differences to look out for. Some plants have a ratio of 1 to 1, while other varieties contain almost no THC.</li
        • The yield of the plants can vary greatly, so this is something to pay close attention to if you want to be able to trim very rich buds.
        • The flavor can also vary greatly, which is obviously important if you want to smoke or vaporize the weed.</li
        • There are also autoflower cannabis plants, which are rich in CBD and flower automatically without a complicated light schedule.

        How are CBD cannabis seeds produced


        In order to obtain a good CBD-rich cannabis plant, it is important to use the right genes. Breeders find these plants and cross them with each other and with other cannabis plants to achieve the desired ratio of THC to CBD. In this way, many different seeds are created, all with their own qualities. You can buy the best strains in our webshop to grow them yourself.

        Grow your own CBD cannabis plants to rich buds

        CBD cannabis plants are no more difficult to grow than most other types of cannabis. However, there are a few things you can do to increase the CBD content of the plants you grow:

        • Use high-quality LED light to maximize both the THC and CBD content in your plants
        • Use slow-release nutrients to maximize uniform plant growth
        • Maintain a humidity level between 50 and 75 percent to ensure that diseases and parasites have less chance of damaging your plants.</li

        Make your own CBD oil

        CBD oil with a THC content of up to 0.2% can not only be bought in the Netherlands, but you can also make it yourself. To do this, you grind the leaves, for example in a mortar and pestle. You can then soak them in alcohol (suitable for consumption) so that the CBD is extracted from the leaves into the alcohol. This process takes a few days. Then you filter it through a coffee filter, and all you have left is the oil. You can also use a device called a cannolator to make this therapeutic oil yourself more quickly (within a few hours)


        Visit our collection of cannabis seeds

        View our collection of cannabis seeds with a high CBD concentration here, so you can soon enjoy the therapeutic and calming effects of this cannabis yourself. Or you can opt for convenience and order one of the many types of CBD oil we sell here.