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With feminized cannabis seeds every hobby grower can easily grow high-yield cannabis plants in your available space. This is because you have the guarantee that as much as 99.99% of these seeds will produce a female cannabis plant. Since only female plants produce buds it has many advantages for the grower to have only female plants. On this page you will find more information about feminized cannabis seeds and you can immediately view and order our assortment.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

With feminized cannabis seeds, there are two X chromosomes present in the genetic material. Therefore, you can be sure that a female plant will always grow from these seeds. To be precise, that chance is 99.99 percent.

The remaining 0.01 percent chance is not that a male plant, but a hermaphroditic cannabis plant will emerge from the seed. However, this represents only 1 in 10,000 seeds, a virtually negligible chance.

Advantage of feminized cannabis seeds

The advantage of feminized cannabis seeds should be obvious by now. From the seeds that germinate you can almost guarantee that they are female plants.

This also brings a number of additional advantages:

  • You need less space to have the same number of female cannabis plants left.
  • You do not waste electricity (and thus money) on male plants that are of no use.
  • You don't have to select the plants yourself. That is not at all easy and costs time and effort as well as money.

Because of these advantages, about 95% of all cannabis seeds sold today are feminized. Only a few prefer to buy regular cannabis seeds, for example to be able to cross them easily with each other in search of a higher yield.

Buy feminized cannabis seeds

Female cannabis seeds are thus now more or less the standard. However, that does not mean that these female cannabis seeds are all the same and have the same characteristics. In fact, there is a huge variety of strains to choose from.

For every type of cannabis seed you can buy from us, you can immediately see whether or not they are female, or feminized. For the rest, pay particular attention to taste, yield, size and growing requirements of the seeds and final female cannabis plants.

Why are feminized cannabis seeds just a bit more expensive?

Feminized cannabis seeds - contrary to what many people think - are not genetically modified. Instead, female cannabis plants are kept in the flowering phase for an extra long time. Those plants start making pistils and when that pollen is used to pollinate other female plants, the seeds from those plants will be feminized.

This does immediately explain the somewhat higher price, as there is a longer and more intensive process involved in producing the seeds you eventually receive.

Alternative to feminized seeds

If you do not choose feminized seeds you will be cheaper. However, then you will have to remove the male plants because they will not produce weed. So it takes more time and energy. You need more space because eventually you do want to keep as many female plants as you need. On the other hand, you can cross-breed yourself and also don't have to buy new seeds every time, as is the case with feminized cannabis seeds.

Why you should remove male cannabis plants

You may think it's excessive to remove male cannabis plants but there is a good reason to do so as soon as possible. When the female plants are fertilized by the pollen from the male plants, they do not put their energy into producing beautiful buds but mainly into producing seeds. So you not only get a lower yield because you have fewer female plants, but also because hardly any good weed simply comes off.

How to recognize a female cannabis plant?

When choosing regular cannabis seeds, it is of course important to quickly recognize female plants. How do you do that?

Female cannabis plants can fortunately be identified fairly early in the growing process. With some plants it can already be done in the pre-flowering phase. This is when you will see the first pistils appear on female plants while male plants develop flower buds. Unfortunately, it is easy to mistake yourself for this, as it is not always obvious.

Recognizing gender in cuttings is easier. Take cuttings in the growth phase and give them a 12/12 light schedule. Once the cuttings start flowering you can tell what the sex of the mother plant is.

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants

In the odd case, your plant may turn out to be hermaphrodite. With feminized seeds the chance of this happening is very small, but it can happen. The plant will then develop both male and female characteristics. The plant will then develop buds but also seeds, resulting in less weed that is also of low quality. By being as controlled as possible you can help prevent this, but eliminating it completely is unfortunately impossible.

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Want to make it easier on yourself than selecting your own cannabis plants? Then buy your high quality feminized cannabis seeds here. You are guaranteed 99.99% chance of getting a female cannabis plant. Grow is always hassle-free and with the highest possible yield at the lowest possible cost.