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What are autoflower cannabis seeds?

Autoflower cannabis seeds are cannabis seeds that flower on their own after a certain period of time, without requiring - unlike photoperiod cannabis seeds - a tight light schedule. This is because autoflowers have a biological clock responsible for growth and flowering. Automatic flowering makes autoflowering cannabis seeds very easy to grow, even for a novice hobby grower. On top of that, the plants often stay relatively small, making it easier to grow them indoors.

How do autoflowering cannabis seeds come about?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are grown from Ruderalis cannabis which is common in areas with low sunlight hours. The lack of light prevents the flowering period from getting going that way. Therefore, Ruderalis plants have a biological clock that tells them when to flower. Ruderalis cannabis plants traditionally have less mind-blowing qualities than photoperiod cannabis plants. However, by carefully introducing genetics from other cannabis seeds into the autoflowering seeds, all the positive qualities could be combined. As a result, most autoflowering cannabis plants today are also particularly suitable for getting high.

Advantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflower cannabis seeds have many positive characteristics that make you choose these seeds:

  • The plants will automatically flower, regardless of the light schedule used.
  • These cannabis plants are very compact so you can easily get rid of them in a hobby nursery.
  • From autoflowering seeds generally come very strong plants.
  • Many of the most popular autoflowering cannabis plants grow fast. Within about 10 weeks, you can often harvest from the mature plant.
  • The rapid growth also makes it easier for you to multiple harvests during the season.
  • Autoflower cannabis plants today are very similar to other cannabis plants when you look at the THC and CBD content.

All this makes these cannabis plants a great choice for anyone who values convenience. Because autoflowering weed plants are so easy to grow up into a harvest-ready plant, they are also very suitable for novice growers.

How to choose the best seeds as a hobby grower?

There are many different autoflowering cannabis seeds to choose from as a hobby grower. Which of these seeds is the most suitable? Keep in mind these important differences between the various strains:

  1. Yield per square meter can range from 500 to 900 grams.
  2. The THC content differs per strain, so you can adjust this to your own needs.
  3. The CBD content can also vary by seed variety.
  4. Although many of these marijuana plants stay small, there are now also varieties that grow more than a meter tall. So that is also good to look out for before making a choice.

Can you grow these seeds indoors?

It is quite possible to grow these cannabis seeds indoors. In fact, due to their compact size, this is one of the great advantages of this type of plant. It is best to keep a light schedule of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. That way the plants grow optimally. Outdoors, you should expect a longer growth period of about three months. Even then the smaller size can be pleasant when your plants need to be hidden from view as much as possible, for example to reduce the risk of theft of your valuable cannabis plants. Whatever place to grow you choose, you must have the right composition of your growing soil. Generally, for these autoflowering cannabis plants, it is recommended to mix together 3 parts peat moss, 3 parts compost, 2 parts perlite and 1 part vermiculite. You can put this mixture and the seed straight into the grow pot, so you don't need to pre-sow (although of course you can). As an alternative to a pot, you can choose a fabric grow bag. Because of the smaller yield per plant, it may be smart to choose square pots to make the best use of the available surface area.

What to consider when growing,

When you want to grow your own autoflower cannabis plants, it is good to take the following things into account:

  • It is possible with most autoflower seeds to increase the yield by tying the branches together, but make sure the side branches are well supported.
  • You do not need to repot your plants, and in fact it is good to avoid that as much as possible. This prevents a relapse in the often fast growing period.
  • Based on your power rate, consider whether indoor growing is smart because these plants require relatively high levels of light (usually 20 hours a day).
  • Try not to overfeed, however tempting it may sometimes be. Keep about half of what you would give to a photoperiod cannabis plant.

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