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      Regular cannabis seeds

      If you are looking for cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds are a good option. Regular cannabis seeds provide about 50% male and 50% female cannabis plants. The difference between these plants is that the female plants produce buds and the male cannabis plants produce pollen. It may seem less interesting to choose regular cannabis seeds due to the amount of male seeds, yet this is certainly not true. Most old skool growers swear by regular cannabis seeds. In addition, regular cannabis seeds are very popular with those who want to grow their own hybrids and crosses,

      What exactly are regular cannabis seeds?

      When a mature female plant is fertilized with the pollen of a male cannabis plant, the process of regular cannabis seeds begins. Seed production can begin when the plants' male and female genetics come together. In this case, the seeds will fall under regular seeds unless the grower can handle the advanced work of producing autoflower or feminized seeds.

      The regular cannabis seeds, unlike the feminized seeds, ensure that the seeds consist of about 50% male and 50% female seeds during production. With this, you can choose to discard the male plants, use the pollen or freeze them for a later time.

      If you are looking for the most natural form of cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds are highly recommended. The regular seeds orden developed from both stable male and female plant parents. Regular seeds are the most natural seeds because the seeds provide genetics as nature originally intended them to be. In fact, these seeds naturally provide healthy harvests of both female and male cannabis seeds.

      Regular seeds are ideal for developing your own hybrids and crosses

      In general, people grow marijuana for their own use and enjoyment. Some cannabis growers also enjoy finding a special plant. When they find a special plant, they will keep it as the basis for their own future hybrids. In this case, they only need male pollen with which to pollinate the female buds. After this process, the regular seeds will be formed. The regular cannabis seeds offered on our website are ideal for growing male plants with which you can develop fantastic hybrids or crosses.

      Regular seeds give you a look at both sexes

      Did you know that very many growers have never admired a male plant in person? This is because most growers choose feminized seeds where only female plants are produced. As a result, they almost never encounter the male plants. True cannabis growers are more likely to choose regular seeds. This is because these growers enjoy all the aspects involved in growing cannabis. Because of this, these growers enjoy growing with regular seeds more.

      The benefits of regular cannabis seeds


      Using regular cannabis seeds provides a number of unique benefits. Some of these benefits include:

      • Higher resistances
        Most regular cannabis seeds can withstand fluctuations from the environment a lot better. Think lack of water or exposures to bright light. Of course, this does not mean that you should grow the plant without optimal care. If you don't water your plants and leave them in bright sunlight for days on end, this is of course certainly not optimal for growing.
      • Ideal for healthy clones
        Regular seeds are often a lot more uniform and stable than the feminized cannabis seeds due to its strong characteristics. This makes regular seeds more suitable for breeding or collecting cuttings.
      • Genetic stability
        Regular cannabis seeds are the best choice when you want to maintain a particular phenotype.
      • Maximum yield in terms of taste, effect and much more
        Growing regular seeds has the advantage that you can choose both male and female plants to breed. So this means that regular seeds see tremendous productivity. This also allows you to focus on certain interesting characteristics with regular seeds. Think of good taste, strong colors, resistance to diseases and many more interesting advantages.
      • Lower chance of hermaphroditism
        Regular seeds have a better resistance to stress during cultivation. As a result, you automatically have a smaller chance of hermaphroditic cannabis plants. Hermaphrodite cannabis plants.are plants with mixed sex organs. This is often problematic for breeders in most cases.

      Choose quality seeds

      Maybe you sometimes ask yourself why it is better not to choose cheap cannabis seeds. Of course, you would prefer to be able to enjoy the pleasure of your own plants as cheaply as possible. Yet it is not very wise to choose the cheapest seeds. After all, good quality cannabis seeds are the basis for healthy plants and quality harvests. In addition, low quality seeds can cause there to be less THC in the final product. This is of course very annoying when you spend 3 to 4 months on production and the product ends up being disappointing. Only quality seeds are sold on our website. So with proper care you are assured that you have grown a quality end product. There are many advantages to quality cannabis seeds. The benefits of high quality cannabis seeds are:

      1. Compact structure
        When you buy high quality cannabis seeds, you can enjoy a compact structure. This is especially an advantage in a Sea of Green setup. This way, the plant's foliage will fully enjoy the light energy. After this, they will be converted into rock hard and heavy buds.
      2. A high THC content
        When you choose quality cannabis seeds, you are assured of growing a plant with a high THC content. As a result, you will need less of the product when you go to consume it. With low-quality seeds, the THC content is very low in most cases.
      3. Maximum yield
        When you choose quality cannabis seeds, your yield will be a lot higher than with strains from cheap seeds. Even the experienced grower will grow a higher yield with high quality seeds.
      4. High mold resistance
        When you choose premium quality cannabis seeds, you will have higher mold resistance. After all, a well-known problem when growing outdoors is mold. The humid areas quickly create mold, which of course is very unfortunate for growing. If you choose high mold resistance, then there is less chance of mold growing. This is because quality cannabis seeds are more resistant to mold.
      5. High heat resistance
        High quality seeds are a lot more suitable for the bright and hot summers. Low quality seeds often cannot withstand high temperatures causing production failure. High quality seeds, on the other hand, can withstand fierce summers better.
      6. The quality
        When you choose an A-brand then you can also enjoy A-quality. This is also true with cannabis seeds. When you choose high quality seeds you produce a strong cannabis smell, compact buds, beautiful trichomes and a bright green color. You immediately notice during cultivation and after production that you have grown a beautiful plant with high quality.

      Buy the best cannabis seeds

      You have now read the importance of buying high quality seeds for your cultivation. The choice to choose the best seeds is therefore easily made. Fortunately, buying the best cannabis seeds is very easy with us. We sell only the best quality cannabis seeds. We find it important that the customer can grow a good product with the right care, so you will not find low quality seeds with us. So ordering high quality cannabis seeds is very easy. On our website we sell different types of seeds that are all top quality.

      Cannabis seeds wholesale for the best cannabis seeds online

      If you are looking for quality cannabis seeds then you have come to the right place. On our website you can buy several types and brands of cannabis seeds. This is because we are a wholesaler of the best cannabis seeds available on the market. Because of this, you can find different brands with us, as well as different types of cannabis seeds. You can come to us for autoflower seeds, feminized seeds and regular seeds.

      Buying cannabis seeds is legal in the Netherlands

      It is perfectly legal to buy and possess cannabis seeds in the Netherlands. It does not matter what level of CBD or THC the seeds have. The entire trade in cannabis seeds is therefore legal in the Netherlands, which means we can also legally sell the seeds to you. You don't have to worry about buying seeds.

      Ordering cannabis seeds through our website

      On our website we offer different types of seeds as well as different brands. When you want to place an order on our website your order will be delivered to your home as soon as possible. In general, all seeds are delivered to your home within one to two business days. If you choose to have your order delivered to your home, shipping costs will be charged. An order of 40 euros or more ensures that shipping costs are free. A nice advantage is that we ship all over Europe. If you have any questions about our products, you can reach our customer service during weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. We are happy to help you with your questions about our product range.